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File: 1320005779382.jpg -(541643 B, 750x1077) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
541643 No.48089   [Reply]


File: 1304691363714.jpg -(1259616 B, 1127x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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>> No.48014  

Well, I guess we're just on opposite sides as I've never heard anyone say "Is it weekend yet?". If "weekend" were a proper noun like Saturday and Sunday are, I'd agree with the way you have it. As you have it, I just see Keine talking about a specific day named "weekend" rather than her referring to either a Saturday or Sunday.

In any case, there was nothing else that I spotted while taking a look besides the "weekend" thing, so it's good to go if you plan to leave it as is.

>> No.48021  

Next bit of QC. Hope Afro Thunda doesn't mind me borrowing his format. It seems to be better than what I was using before.

Page 4, panel 1:
One day at the Hakurei shrine -> One day at the Hakurei [Shrine].

Page 5, panel 1:
It's been a lot cooler. -> It's been a lot cooler [lately].

Page 6, panel 1:
You're a Shrine maiden, right? -> You're a [shrine] maiden, right?

Page 6, panel 7:
This calls for research, huh. -> This calls for research[.]

Page 7, panel 4:

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>> No.48029  

Yeah, it's easier to spot the correction for me too.

>I'd need to melt the mochi, -> [I] need to melt the mochi,

I changed to "I'll" instead.


>> No.48082  


>> No.48083  


I've made repack with changed folder name inside zip - to be consistent with previous volumes. And changed link on wiki page to the one above.
If thats not allowed (different CRC or torrent users, roll back.

File: 1316565690535.jpg -(755716 B, 2864x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
755716 No.47447   [Reply]


Translated this a long time ago, but forgot to post it here for someone to edit

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>> No.47933  

This time, it's really the whole thing, with cover and all

Ice Rain - Angel Fall

>> No.47936  

Alright, looks like everything's in order after my second run through. As for the font issue on page 13, don't worry about it. If that's just the way the font is, so be it. I only noted it on the off-chance that there actually was no space. I see now that it's just the horizontal bars on the "I" that make the gap look smaller than it is.

In any case, unless somebody else is planning to go through this, I'd say this is ready to be archived.

>> No.47999  

Ooh, thanks! I'm working on another Touhou SFW doujin next...
Afro, you want to post it up on LBB?

>> No.48010  

Well, there's some more update in pg 07, 09, and 37.

Too lazy to post one by one right now, so here~

Ice Rain - Angel Fall

>> No.48081  


File: 1301477319658.jpg -(907837 B, 1404x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
907837 No.44335   [Reply]


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>> No.47049  

チワース! Here's a translated version by me.


As for the no uplaod / scanlation issue, it's already been uploaded anyway. It's a great doujin and it seems like a waste not to translate and share it. What we can do then is to try and support the artist when we can. I mean if we were all in Japan, we would definitely buy them all...at least I would...

Anyway, enjoy!


I though this doujin would be easier to translate than the last but ended up taking twice as long. The hand-written notes on the extra pages are so hard to read, I could barely make out the Kanjis... I seriously need sleep.

>> No.47329  

You need to level the colors so that black is darker.
Also, the credits should be in one of the Gaku-Touhou formats.
You can see some guides about editing and credits here: http://forum.gensokyo.org/index.php?board=8.0

Other than that, great job translating all the notes.

Oh, and we also usually translate the circle and title when possible, so you might as well suggest one.

>> No.47347  

So many thanks to you...

>> No.48065  

I deleted the old link and re-uploaded a revised version with a proper credit. Here's the new link:


>> No.48080  

OK, archived it as it is.

File: 1264445101941.jpg -(2344137 B, 2850x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2344137 No.34776   [Reply]


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>> No.47970  
File: 1319448538678.txt.unknown -(1574 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What natural-log said. In the English language, "Everyone" is treated as singular. Probably even more so because it even has "one" in it. So do change it to "Everyone at the temple is" please. In any case, I've caught some more things on my second run through.

>> No.47987  
File: 1319507098779.rar.unknown -(6883735 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here you go

>> No.48002  

Alright. Everything looks fine to me now. You may want to make an updated MF link though. Wouldn't want those updated pages to be missed come archival time.

>> No.48006  


>> No.48049  

OK, this one is archived.

File: 1298664668567.jpg -(943053 B, 1130x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
943053 No.43758   [Reply]


>> No.48017  

Is it from the same author who did "The King of Moriya"?

>> No.48018  


Yes, the author is Gigameka/Dejigiga

>> No.48026  

That name doesn't seem to ring any bell on the wiki.
Thanks anyway.

>> No.48027  


That's because all his translated works are done by CGRascal, who has a rather infamous reputation as a translator of questionable quality.

You can still see the artist in the list of the Potential Comics page though:

Note that the artist is either romanized as [Gigameka] or [Giga Maker].

>> No.48032  

Ah, thanks. I wanted to see if there was another translation of the doujin "King of Moriya", but it looks like CGRascal was the only one "translating" it.

File: 1279775084664.png -(417163 B, 2139x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
417163 No.39181   [Reply]

I have a feeling that this might be more of a prolouge then a preview. I just noticed that the prolouge to the final chapter of "Two by this side, three by the other" was also called a preview. If I'm wrong, then we can just post the full version of it in this thread when it's scanned.

>> No.39299  

looks like this is part of the full version.
its also been released but I haven't found any scans of it yet. just a bad camera pic of a page that wasn't in the preview.

>> No.47990  

Calling a dib for translation, and most likely for editing as well.

>> No.47991  

Gah, just realized everything is included in the full version. Taking my dib back?

File: 1317065750901.jpg -(494963 B, 827x1169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
494963 No.47561   [Reply]

Looky What I Have Here \( ゚∀゚)/


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>> No.47942  

Back for round 2. So it was intentional. Well, of course it was lol. Anyway, I agree that the font and context clearly show she's joking. So there's no real need to spell it like that.

In any case, a few more things I spotted on this run through.

P. 9
I pretty much read -> [I've] pretty much read

P. 14
To symphatize -> To [sympathize]

P. 58
Put your ambition on stake and came all the way here -> [So you swallowed your pride] and came all the way here (I'm not quite sure how the line is supposed to be in the original, but with the way it is now, it doesn't really flow too well. So this is my suggested change based on what I 'think' Chiyuri's saying.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.47949  


Hmm, '...swallowed your pride..." does fit well here, but the line says something different. Re-translated it.


>> No.47963  


How about "'orry" or something along that line? I kinda like that "Mengo"...

>> No.47967  

Sounds much better now. And after my third round of QC, I didn't notice anything else. I'd say this one is done unless someone else is going to take a look through it.

>> No.47972  

Archived then.

File: 1316761052641.jpg -(401218 B, 1060x1510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
401218 No.47497   [Reply]


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>> No.47813  

I'd say that's good enough, at least it doesn't look as ugly anymore.
As for the rotation, it's pretty much for all the pages, they are consistently crooked.
It's not absolutely necessary though, but do it if you can.

>> No.47858  

I will do it after I am home, :D

>> No.47905  

I didn't catch anything while QC'ing this. So pending the rotating that was mentioned, this is release ready.

>> No.47913  

sorry for the delay.

>> No.47971  

OK, it's archived.

File: 1245694348128.jpg -(1055638 B, 2288x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1055638 No.29649   [Reply]


I would upload by page but seems gensokyo.org is working slow now.

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.34263  

bump, hoping for translations

>> No.34473  

Is this the follow-up to Tenkomori?

>> No.34515  


>> No.37500  

We need more Yukari x Tenko.

>> No.44425  


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