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File: 1269668881994.jpg -(2933039 B, 2882x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2933039 No.36508  


>> No.36513  

More Chado :o

>> No.36515  

I saw this on his site, fucking awesome

>> No.36519  

Zip is corrupt, Ive downloaded it five times and each of the five times it says the thing is corrupt. I'll try again later maybe mediafire's serves is messing up but could you reupload it to another file host?

>> No.36520  

Sorry my computer sometime have problems loading to the site so I'll replace the link later

>> No.36521  


The files not corrupt, the problem is coming from the japanese characters in the file name.

Japanese file names will cause extraction problems on systems that aren't set to the japanese region most of the time.

>> No.36529  


Use 7-zip to deal with that issue.

>> No.36652  

Oh and the title is Heian Capital Delorian. Yes, a Back to the Future reference.

>> No.36693  


>> No.36785  

CGrascal, don't take this the wrong way, but there are numerous translation and English errors. Some meanings are exactly opposite. Some examples:

A long time has passed, even a millenium, since I was sealed away by the humans.
Now, I only remember the facts... No matter what, there are "memories" I cannot recall.
What kind of face did I have/make as I was killing people?
But, I want to to know the feelings I held then.
Byakuren, who was looking back at her eroded past.
A spell, by a shrine maiden who can invoke miracles.
Nue's power, a type of spell which obscures prejudices.
(TN these are treated as 3 separate causes of the timeslip)
Ichirin: Ane-san, you mustn't!! If you fly off without grasping the situation...
Ichirin: You can't! We don't know if something has happened
Nazrin: All the more you should calm down

>> No.36786  

I found it hard to understand in a lot of places. It really needs a QC pass.

>> No.36787  

Also, leveling and cleaning. It really needs to be done.

>> No.36861  

If the title really is a Back to the Future reference, then it should be spelled "DeLorean".

>> No.37126  

The file IS corrupt. Most of us probably already use 7zip (who would pay for WinRAR?) and my computer is set to Japanese region. Don't make excuses for poor uploading, especially if the uploader has already accepted the blame.

>> No.41271  

bump for QC/editing

>> No.41272  

bump for QC/editing

>> No.42341  

Is this going to be fixed soon?

>> No.42347  

Unlikely. It's the curse of CGRascal; you have to kill him to break it.

>> No.46917  


>> No.55636  

Danbooru pool: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/6724
Is this open for edit?

>> No.57812  

Bumping this one for a re-edit.
Or maybe someone can QC it.

>> No.58045  
File: 1408637082723.txt.unknown -(21544 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I saw this one and looked it over. Here's the danbooru script with some QC.

>> No.58063  

Will edit.

>> No.59553  


I cleaned up the pages on this one, got rid of the text. This is kind of a special project, since we're rescuing it from CGrascal.

>> No.59605  


Tried using a guide to editing posted in another thread and managed to do the first ten pages of this one. I just wanted to post here for anyone to give any pointers.

Even after just ten pages, I can see how hard it actually is to edit these manga. I have a new respect for the people who can actually do it.

>> No.59607  

Well, the only serious problem I see is the aliasing on the text (the effect that causes the text to look all jagged). The "Character" window in Photoshop should have several anti-aliasing options (in the bottom-right corner) to select, pretty much anyone would work. If the text is already anti-aliased ans still showing up like this, it could be because the because the text layers are below the leveling layer, they should always be above.

The redrawing in page 7 could be a bother, especially for a beginner. I or any other editor could do it for you, but you might try playing around with the Clone tool to start getting the hang of redrawing. Using a large white stroke around the text (Blending Options) also helps in this.

Lastly, the overall image quality is really degraded compared to the raw. What saving options did you use?
The ideal for grayscale pages would be "Save for web and devices" and select PNG-8 with 128 or 256 colors.

>> No.59608  

I've actually been using the GIMP 2 program instead of PhotoShop. That's probably where the problem lies. It's apparently like PS but not quite up to its level.

>> No.59610  

I'm using GIMP as well and haven't run into any major roadblocks so far.

First, just in case, switching to Grayscale is the same in both Photoshop and GIMP: it's Image → Mode → Grayscale.

When you're using the Text Tool, there should be a box you can check for Antialiasing under Tool Options in the Toolbox. There's other stuff you can do, but that's been enough to make the text come out all right for me.

For saving, you're going to want to download this: http://registry.gimp.org/node/33. Open up C:\Users\<username>\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins and move webexport from the download into the plug-ins folder.

Now you'll have a File → Save for Web... option in GIMP. When saving, just select PNG-8 and put one of Nietz's numbers into the box that says Generate optimum palette.

>> No.59617  

I was actually working on this quietly in my spare time, got 22 pages finished. Classes have started back up for me, but I can use whatever leftover time I have to try and complete this sooner, if it's okay with Kamonichan.

>> No.59618  

Please go ahead. I should have picked a shorter, easier doujin to use as my first attempt. I'm far from being an actual, experienced editor.

>> No.59619  

It takes time and practice, like with a lot of things. I've got Friday off from classes and a holiday Monday, so this weekend'll be the perfect time to work on this as long as I don't have a boat-load of homework. I'll see about trying to finish it by then.

>> No.59641  

And done: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zbw3gef5r4li8nm/%5BChado%5D+Heian+Capital+Delorian.rar

As always any problems or mistakes, let me know and I'll change 'em.

This also got me wondering if there are other doujinshi here that we should save from CGrascal. His work is pretty... infamous, to put it lightly.

>> No.59642  

So fast! Thanks for all your work.

On CGrascal, I read "The King of Moriya" by Giga Maker earlier today and couldn't really tell whether it was worth considering for a do over. Certainly, there were lots of places where even I could recognize there being room for improvement, but without specifically knowing how the translation could be more accurate, it wasn't clear to me whether anybody else would find it worth re-doing... especially given that it's a 140-page manga.

>> No.59643  

I'd be willing to work on his stuff in my free time. None of the Giga Maker/Aku doujins he's done are on here and, honestly, they could really use with some severe QC. If Nietz is fine with it, I could even look at some of the other comics he's done for the site.

>> No.59658  

Looks good, just a few corrections:
page 15: "Ancient Tokyo" -> "Heian Capital"
page 24: "rumers" -> "rumors"
page 56: "unknwm" -> "unknowm"
page 56: "ancient Tokyo" -> "ancient Kyoto"

>> No.59659  

Thanks for the QC, Nietz. Here's the updated file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3kuvf67xipkqenc/%5BCHado%5D+Heian+Capital+DeLorian.rar

>> No.59665  

Could you double-check these two?
p.15, Nue shouting, I believe you're missing "it" in "Even if was just one time"
p. 38, Nazrins' second speech bubble: "wtill" instead of "still"

>> No.59666  

Thanks, got those edits in. Here's the updated file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t7h0pit2hr1p50o/%5BChado%5D+Heian+Capital+DeLorian.rar

>> No.59675  

Ok, archived.

>> No.59691  
File: 1442896893442.png -(54866 B, 328x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 11, shouldnt that be "what", not "want".

>> No.59695  

It should be "what," but I don't know if it can be changed right now.

>> No.59699  

Yeah, I can change the file in the archive if it's fixed.

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