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File: 1402580748237.jpg -(1387756 B, 1420x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1387756 No.57580  

Don't think I see it here.


>> No.57581  
File: 1402581020376.txt.unknown -(9218 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And the script, really need QC for this one.

Mamizou (elder) speech is sure harder than it look.

>> No.57612  

My computer crashed last time, but I won't that stop me! Just a bit of QC to consider.

Pg. 03:
[1] It increased again!
[2] Where did this much junk come from?
[3] Let me explain -or- I can tell you (that).
[4] You see,
(I'm not sure what she means by "things of whatever value." Are there any other hints?"
[5] And when I see these things, I get sentimental, so I bring them here.

Pg. 04:
[1] Even so, this state is troublesome. And to begin with, to have you, a nonbeliever, stay here--
[2] (Just shortening it to "for you to speak so harshly" or "for you to speak like that" is fine.)
If you were just living here, I wouldn't think of (use either "speaking so harshly" or "speaking to you like that," whichever one you chose for Mamizou's line.)
[3] Smoking!
[5] Parties!
(Keeping each panel to just one word sets a pretty good flow. There are a lot of different words to replace "gathering" with, but I think "parties" has the right connotation.)

Pg. 05:
[1] (Use ... at the end of her second sentence. Again, to help with the flow. Mamizou's line doesn't need a comma after the question mark, but capitalize "you.")
[3] (Since we're just seeing Mamizou disappear, you might want to change "Disperse!" to either "Retreat!" or "Escape!" or something along those lines.)
[5] (I can't think of a good English equivalent for "boss" to put here. Saying "youkai mafioso" or "youkai mobster" would imply a gang like in The Godfather. It might be best to just flip the words around to "boss youkai." I'll just use that as a place-holder, and you can use whatever word/phrase you think is best.)
Hijiri: If that boss youkai...just understood her position...
(For Shou's line, you choose "despite appearances," if she means how she looks, acts, etc., or you can use "despite her appearance" if she's talking about how Mamizou looks.)
No no, Hijiri, despite appearances/her appearance, she has a lot of good points...

Pg. 06:
[1] By the way, Shou, what are you hiding under your belly?
(Even though it's not actually under her belly, this is the way to put it in English. It can be a weird language sometimes...)
[3] Wagyu Brand
Sado Beef
[4] I-I'm sorry! To have something that smells this good right before my eyes...! No matter how I try, my body just acts on its own!
However severe the punishment, I--!

Pg. 07:
[1] (Since "Titanic" is already on the boat, you can just leave the kanji as it is.)
[2] It's reaching its limit
Now, the current that will put an end--

Pg. 08:
[1] Tonight is a guerrilla live in the cemetery!
[2] Live band style (or "Live band playing style")
[5] It's so difficult to get here, but we were found!

Pg. 09:
[1] Geez, why is it like this... Were previous sermons just beating a dead bird? (Pun off of "beating a dead horse." Let me know if you don't think that works.)
[9] young lady?

Pg. 10:
[3] It's like you can see right through me somehow. (or "It's like you've seen right through me somehow.")
[6] Can you teach me about kidding around with the temple's youkai?
(You can change "kidding around with" to "getting closer to," "playing around with," or something like that, but it's fine to leave it as it is.)
Mamizou: My my, why is that?
(It makes Mamizou's speech sound "older" or more like an older person's speech to put it "my my" instead of "well well.")

Pg. 11:
[1] I want the temple's youkai to at least keep the precepts...
but training the traveling youkai is also a hindrance for me.
(I think "traveling youkai" is what she means, but let me know if that's wrong.)
[2] (Just capitalize "for.")
Hijiri: It's not just that. I must propagate the significance of reaching enlightenment to the youkai. (Or just "the significance of enlightenment."
Hijiri: Yes, that's right. In order to keep the existence of weak youkai from disappearing.
[4] It's cruel that there have to be youkai who are close to reaching enlightenment or to establishing an existence of themselves, isn't it? At least, I think so.
(I'm really unsure if this has the same meaning as the original text. Let me know if I'm way off.)
[5] Mmhmm, I see, I see.

Pg. 12:
[1] (You can leave off "It's" and just put it as, "Killing. You're killing youkai.")

Pg. 13:
[2] Now, I'm sure this is a good time, since the person involved is here.
If there really are youkai who try confirming the existence of salvation
[3] it'd be very dangerous.
[4] For you see, youkai and worldly desires are inseparable. It's rooted in their nature.
Would youkai set free from that really be able to exist?

Pg. 14:
[1] Even if they could, the existence of a youkai like that
would be against the logic of Gensokyou, wouldn't it?"
[2] I,
to the very end, am aiming to better the relationship between youkai and humans in this world.

Pg. 15:
[2] You want to tell me there's a mistake in my methods?
[3] Who knows?
[4] But I
won't imitate youkai who flat out disappeared.

Pg. 16:
Mamizou: What is it? It's just candy. Can't you see?
Hijiri: No, I see, but...
[4] ...it's a candy that has a very strange smell. The scent is sweet and very...cool.
(Writing it out this way should still carry the meaning that it smells cool as in "the opposite of warm" and not the other meaning.)

Pg. 17:
[3] It can't be too sweet,
and if it's too cool, it would ruin the taste.
[4] You can keep order between the humans and youkai in the temple.
(Not sure what she means when she says, "More from that.") ...now you know more about the nature of youkai.
[5] Somehow, it feels like I was tricked.
(Maybe is just one word, but looking at her expression, I can see how you'd want to separate the two. You could have her carry it out by changing it to something like "Maaaybe" or switch it to "Who knows?")

Pg. 18:
[1] Perhaps it's necessary to think of new precepts for youkai that fit their nature.
Mamizou: That would be pretty interesting.
Hijiri: It'd be impossible.
[3] There is a really interesting, notable individual
and I've unintentionally grown attached to her.

Pg. 19:
[2] Everyone! It seems a mysterious helper is coming today! (or "Today, a mysterious helper seems to be coming!")
[3] In such a place again...
If we don't chase them out, we'll/they'll be scolded by sis... (Whoever Ichirin thinks Hijiri will scold.)
[5] All worldly impermanence is flowing in a current. This world is but a fleeting transience, after all.
The new member, who wishes to remain anonymous, is...

Pg. 20:
[1] (I can't think of anything for that pun, so you might just want to put it in English. If anyone else can think of one, just say so.)
[3] Whether it's extreme or not,
is this also mint favored?

(I hope someone else can get the afterword. I'll come back for it later, if no one's looked over it.)

>> No.57613  

"things of whatever value.".
I think I get it wrong it should be
At any rate, an interesting things come rolling into Gensokyo.

Shou line I thinhk you should go with "despite appearances"

[1] Titanic
I'm just explaining in case someone curious. Just leave it as it is.

From what I understand I think she mean in order to prevent weak youkai(youkai that no one believe it exist or fear, so there existence is endanger, sort of god in Black and White need believer) to disappear, that youkai must reach/close to enlightment or established it self as something. like Shou case who is avatar of Bishamon, so her form is like Bishamon.
Still need someone to confirm the meaning
to make sure

Pg. 14:
[1] Gensokyou
I guess you mistype.

[4] "More from that."
Just do it a little bit more from that point (keep order)

Pg. 19:
[3]She just said get scold don't specific who, but it think it mean we'll

>> No.57615  

Okay, I think these changes will set everything more or less straight:

Pg. 03:
You see, interesting things come rolling into Gensokyo (or, "You see, interesting things roll into Gensokyo")

Pg. 10:
[6] Can you teach me how to grow closer with the temple's youkai?

Pg. 11:
[1] I want at least the temple's youkai to keep the precepts...
but teaching the wandering youkai is also difficult for me.
Mamizou: Teaching? You mean the Buddhist training you keep holding for youkai?
Hijiri: It's not only that. I must propagate the significance of reaching enlightenment to the youkai.
Mamizou: In short, preach to youkai about aspiring to Buddhahood, yes?
Hijiri: Yes, that's right. In order to keep the existence of weak youkai from disappearing.
[4] That means they have to become youkai who are close to enlightenment to establish their own sense of existence, doesn't it? At least, I think so.

Pg. 14:
(For some reason, I always think it's "Gensokyou" and not "Gensokyo." Just ignore it when I do that.)

Pg. 17:
What's more, now you better understand the nature of youkai, don't you?

>> No.57798  
File: 1406637580789.txt.unknown -(6245 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm just going back and finding things I QC'd but didn't put into .txt format. Just to make it easier for anyone who wants to edit.

This is also a shameless way of bumping them for edit. Please forgive me. (Copy-pasting this to the other bumps.)

>> No.57805  


This is the first time I've tried editing, so please let me know if there's anything I could change. I did a little bit of QC too, to try to make speech flow a little better.

>> No.57808  
File: 1406700865176.png -(607074 B, 1405x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

-Try to level the RAW to make the black color looks more solid like the pic here.
-Save the edited files with "save for web" menu (if you use photoshop) and save them as PNG-8 using 16 or 32 colors.
-Add http://www.gensokyo.org/ in the credit.

>> No.57989  
File: 1408237141137.png -(910651 B, 1405x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

sorry, was a little busy for a while.

I'm using GIMP and, like I mentioned, am pretty new to editing. I'm not exactly sure how to save for web as png-8 or level? Here's the updated credits though.

>> No.57992  
File: 1408249495726.jpg -(358808 B, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Get the plugin for it.
>>57272 explain it better.
As for the level go to: Menu > Colors > Level
Then you can adjust it till feels right.

>> No.57995  


> I'm using GIMP
> am pretty new to editing

You could also not use GIMP.
I seriously won't recommend it to anyone.

>> No.58004  

For levelling, just read the guide here.

Unlike in Photoshop, you cannot create an adjustment/leveling layer in GIMP, so remember to duplicate the original layer in case you messed up with your leveling options. Also, save the files in their raw formats (.xcf/.psd) so you can make adjustments later. (Just in case you don't know about it)

>> No.59063  

Bump, editor seem to be missing.

>> No.60723  

Update : Well no one work on this anymore anyway.

This doujin is already release by another group.
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