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File: 1408521659500.jpg -(1661864 B, 2861x4008) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1661864 No.58021  


>> No.60694  

Bump for Link . Please

>> No.60714  

huh, this was just rotting on my computer apparently. here!

>> No.60719  

Thanks for the link

>> No.60741  

If someone translates this, I'd be more than happy to edit it!

>> No.60746  

i will try to translating it..

i'm still on my way to translate this book. Since it's using a lot of word that i can't undersand.

i will post each page translation, if i can.

and i need some translating editor, since my japanese kinda terrible.

how about it ?

>> No.60747  

Sure, go ahead! Thanks for your work

>> No.60749  

so far, i just can understand in fourth balloon on right side, except with the red line one. i thought it was a poem right ? i kinda confused with this part for now

>> No.60750  

wait, my internet connection is kinda down right now, maybe i will upload the image later

>> No.60751  

https://imgur.com/tKdAkmW . here idk how to upload it in here. when i tried to upload it here, my internet connection kinda down

>> No.60752  


Based on my previous work on Curse of Crimson, that looks like a series of chemicals. Probably ingredients or the requirements for a spell.

>> No.60758  


i guess so. since in the first panel talking about an ingredient..

>> No.60759  

it's recipe for Tao's elixir of immortality. Will try to find where it from, so you will able to get exact translate, don't have high hope thought.

>> No.60760  

Addition : It's recipe to create "Danhua" (丹華). English translation is "Flower of Cinnabar"

This link is Japanese have quote with almost exact match recipe but don't tell where it come from
(red text)

Some ingredient seem to match with "Mud of the Six-and-One" http://www.goldenelixir.com/jindan/texts_taiqing_methods.html

Other link from book sample.


>> No.60763  


Wow thanks for research..It may help me

>> No.60767  

Another addition found Chinese text of Baopuzi (抱朴子). All ingredient are there
(on 4.)
Can't seem to find English translation.
In case someone will try to find English translation. It's from Inner Chapters -> Chapter 4 Jindan
Please refer to wiki below

>> No.60768  


thanks, i just stuck searching the best translation of this ingredients. but yeah, actually it helps me...

>> No.60769  

>>60767 so far when i tried to translate it with google translate... i just understand this..

>> No.60770  
File: 1507205573273.png -(112441 B, 1350x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.60771  

Some sound quite too western word. May be transliterate instead?

  1. 雄黃水 = water of masculine yellow


2. 礬石水 = water of aluminite

3. 戎鹽 = rock salt

4. 鹵鹽 = haloid salt / lake salt?

5. 礜石 = arsenic ore

6. 牡蠣 = Oyster

7. 赤石脂 = Red Halloysite

8. 滑石 = Talc

9. 胡粉 = foreign powder <as first like said ancient china get from western area>

>> No.60772  


maybe i will use this translation of yours. since actually i don't really get it about this ingredients

>> No.60794  
File: 1509019341021.docx.unknown -(13843 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Please check the translation of this, i kinda doubt about the translation. and i'm sorry i'm kinda busy IRL

>> No.60806  

Hey, somehow you mistook some of the Kanji's,
here are my corrections:

これらと水を : These and water ,
練り合わせて : knead it together,
六ー泥を作り : make into 6 (muddy balls/dumplings).

About the ー泥を作り: I think she's implying to form it into a small ball, even
though only [泥=mud/clay] is mentioned. Also the following panels indicate
this (Seiga is offering these little balls/dumplings).
And [泥だんご=dorodango] is commonly referred to as "clay ball".

火にかけて36日ののちに。。。。。。。: After leaving in the fire for 36 days....
仙薬のひとつ「丹華」が売成する : A single/The elixir [Danhua] will be completed.

そうしてできた : After achieving this,
丹薬を7日間飲み続ければ : if you take the Dan elixir for a span of 7 days,
仙人になれるのです : you will be able to become a Hermit.

About the 「丹薬」 in the second last sentence: It seems that this is
known as たんやく=tanyaku, a Taoist medicine for immortality, usually
a mystic substance kneaded together with candy mass or honey.

>> No.60807  

Sorry, I still had the wrong Kanji, should be
仙薬のひとつ「丹華」が完成する : A single/The elixir [Danhua] will be completed.

>> No.60808  

>>60806 >>60807

Okay, i'm understand. but with my current skill translation should i continue ? :( bit doubt about this

>> No.60824  

bump for anyone who want help this project.

>> No.60825  


I'll take a closer look once I finish my project.

>> No.60826  


thanks a lot, since i can't help much on this project :'(

>> No.60850  

This was very different from my usual fare, but it wasn't a bad project. Hopefully it can be checked for the next release.


>> No.60856  

Page 3 is at a bigger resolution than the others.
Othen than that, it looks fine, but could use some more leveling as always. :P

>> No.60859  


Thanks a lot

>> No.60860  


Leveling this one was a bit awkward due to the shading, but the darks should be better now.


>> No.60861  

Thanks! Archived.

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