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File: 1420448689009.jpg -(1476478 B, 2294x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1476478 No.58797  

Here the raw.

Now translating.

>> No.58828  
File: 1420954537864.txt.unknown -(12835 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And finished. Please QC and edit.

>> No.58864  
File: 1421340254186.txt.unknown -(8112 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the QC for review. Took me a lot longer than expected, but here it is.

>> No.59600  
File: 1440437331441.txt.unknown -(9623 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

When trying to find
that was buried way back, I also found a lot of ones that just needed editing. This is one of those, and I've compiled the script for to make editing a little easier. Hopefully we can complete a few of these "forgotten" manga.

>> No.59601  

I had some interest in picking up more stuff, but I became hesitant because I read more releases while editing the previous one and realized that I still had a lot to learn.

If you're fine with me, I can try some other projects when I have time, but it's all right if you guys would rather wait for a better editor.

>> No.59602  

I don't know much about editing. QCing and occasionally cleaning is what I'm most comfortable with.

As for having a lot to learn, practice makes perfect. At least that's what "they" say.

>> No.59603  

Well what we seem to lack is editor.

And don't worry no one good in the beginning also it's not like no one checking the quality before it got archived.

And most important we do it for free.
So if someone want to complain for anything, let them send it to complain department, which we don't have.

By the way there is a guide called
"Ero-Otoko's Guide to Translating and Editing" search for it, it's primary for eromanga but it's a good guide.

>> No.59604  

Also there a lots of guide in

I once read "The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga" it's quite good.

>> No.59609  

Okay, I'll try picking this one up. It might take a bit longer as I'm busier than before, but I'll remember to post here if I have to stop working on it for whatever reason.

Thank you for the encouragement.

>> No.59622  

Can anyone help identify the fonts used in "Tenderness from the Bottom of the Earth"? (http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Ordinary_Restaurant)

Especially the ones used in the middle panel on Page 20, in addition to the effects.

>> No.59623  
File: 1441356002351.txt.unknown -(383 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Whoa, I did that waaaaay back. It was like the 5th doujin I ever edited. I still got the PSD's too!

My dark past is attached.

>> No.59625  

How unexpected to get a response from the original editor! But after another look at the date and credits, it's true all the same. The timing for your return was pretty lucky then.

Thanks for the fonts! But of course, if you'd rather work on this yourself, that's fine too.

>> No.59626  

No problem, you go ahead and do it.

>> No.59633  

Here's the first ten pages for early feedback while I ask for a translation of the floating text on Page 10, Panel 3:


Sorry if this is bothersome, but as I'm still a beginner, I just want to make sure any major mistakes are caught before working through the entire thing. It probably won't be as necessary in the future.

>> No.59635  
File: 1441634591963.png -(99189 B, 1128x547) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's not often I get an open invitation for feedback, so... incoming wall of text!!!


The pages need levelling to make the blacks black and whites white and all that jazz. It should be mentioned in any editing guide you look at. This will get rid of those nasty scan lines running through the pages.
I don't use gimp, but here's a link: http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-levels.html

Watch the edges of the pages for glue, remnants of the book bindings and unaligned scans.
My lazy rule of thumb standard when cleaning is if I can't find it when I'm reading normally, I don't really care. I suppose you start developing an eye for these things, and you only start to make things harder for yourself as you improve.
The side of page 4, 5 and 8 have some noticeable binding marks that should be cleaned. I guess do 3 if you're up to the challenge, but it's not really a story page so no biggie if you can't/don't want to do it.

There are some unaligned edges too, the bottom of 4,6 and 9.

The blacks on your pages have also strangely taken on a slight green tint. Dunno if that's cause of some gimp thing? But that (probably) won't be an issue after being levelled properly. Try to work in grayscale anyways.

Cleaning of the original text for both bubbles and sfx looks good.


Your text centering and sizing is pretty spot on, which is actually weird for a new editor. Congratulations!?
Only thing I would complain about is your text shape. Try to follow the shape of the bubble as much as possible, and try not to leave short words in the middle of the bubble all by themselves; with long words it's sometimes unavoidable so, meh. Example attached.

Stylistic stuff...
The "clang, clang" on page 9. There's two ways I'd approach this.
Either get rid of the hyphens so "cla- -ng..."->"cla ng..." and tilt the text more to use the original japanese dash between the letters, or erase the japanese dash and stretch out one hyphen cla-ng (There is a text width modifier in photoshop, I don't know anything about gimp. The alternative is to paint in a line).

The positioning of the other sfx look ok.

The font for the box on page 10 looks very chic (that's a good thing). Please don't feel limited to what fonts I used in the previous doujin, some are... not that good.

I'd replace the vertical ellipses with horizontal ones.

>> No.59637  

Huh. Yeah, a lot of that stuff—especially the scan lines and edge marks—have become somewhat normalized to me from reading so much manga where they were still visible, so my eyes just gloss over them without really noticing.

I get what you mean about following bubble shape. I think I noticed this around Page 7 and started adhering to it a bit more... then looked back at the earlier pages and wondered what I was thinking with some of my choices.

The green tint is strange and something I didn't notice... it might have just been an error on my part though. And yeah, I was actually going to ask about whether or not I should replace vertical ellipses.

I'll try fixing everything up the next time I can work on this before moving on to the rest of the pages.

>> No.59639  

If you are using GIMP's save-for-web plugin to export your images, then it's likely the cause of the green tint problem as the plugin still saves images in RGB mode despite setting it to grayscale mode. I've experienced this problem too in the past when I was still using GIMP. This might be a slightly convoluted method, but you can work around the problem by saving your edited raw files as normal PNG files first, then open these images in GIMP again, and use the save-for-web function to save them as PNG-8 files.

Personally, if you are willing to make the change, I would recommend giving Photoshop a try. Older versions like Photoshop CS2, which is technically free from Adobe's website, are still superior to GIMP and other freeware image editors IMO.

>> No.59640  

Hm... okay, I'll keep both of those things in mind so that I can try them when I have the chance. Thanks for the suggestions.

>> No.59645  

Okay, here are the same pages with the feedback incorporated:


If this is all right, I'll continue on with the rest of the pages.

The only thing I didn't address was the tint and that's because it was as 59639 said: saving the files just kicks you out of grayscale. Unfortunately, I couldn't get that double-save trick to work either, but on the other hand, the color was minimized a bit from the leveling.

Anyway, it's not something I find noticeable, but if it's necessary, I'll just throw all the files through Photoshop later.

>> No.59646  

Looks good.

The only part bugging me is the bubble on page 6, "I don't know the...", comma's don't have to have a line break straight after.

>> No.59647  

Understood, I'll fix it for the next draft.

Thanks for your help.

>> No.59648  
>Unfortunately, I couldn't get that double-save trick to work

Hmm, I think I got the details wrong. I did the second step (save-for-web) with Photoshop CS2 instead of GIMP, my bad. Anyway, if it's not obvious then you don't have to fix it at all.

>> No.59649  

Ah, all right then. Still, the advice is appreciated, so thanks.

>> No.59653  

Anyone know these fonts?

(scream font on this page, but box and bubble fonts from this manga would be good too)

(box and bubble fonts)

>> No.59655  

First doujin: Levi Brush, Irezumi, Blambot Casual
Second doujin: SF Toontime, Celine's Hand
Don't know about the rest. You can try to search them on WhatTheFont.

>> No.59657  

Thank you very much! And yeah, I should try using font identification more often. I guess I just haven't had much luck with it lately.


Can I have some clarification on the meaning of the effects on Page 22, Panel 5; Page 25, Panel 4; and Page 29, Panel 1 (all three are the same)? Rather than editing each character, I'm thinking of leaving an SFX note with the overall mood they're meant to convey.

Could also use a translation of the effect text in Page 10, Panel 3.

>> No.59668  

That オオオオオ is sound effect sort of rumble sound may be from environment, aura, mechanical roar, etc.

P22 : aura or may be from environment.

p25+29 : should be from aura

Seem to miss on Page 10, Panel 3.
on Akyu hand = hand moving sound : whosh
on Satori = sigh : phew

>> No.59670  

Thanks. I've been fairly preoccupied lately, so I haven't gotten many chances to work on this, but I've got the first 26 pages done so far. I'll try to finish up the rest some time soon.

>> No.60684  

Update in case this one still don't dropped, this doujin is already release by another group.
(outline and afterword are not translated though)

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