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File: 1426655487938.jpg -(2511128 B, 2837x4008) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2511128 No.59194  


>> No.59277  

there's a pool on danbooru https://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/9822

>> No.59365  

With summer coming up I finally have some free time. I've got this one all cleaned and ready to typeset, just waiting for the translations on Danbooru to finish up. Saw another Yakumi Sarai around that I might work on while I wait.

>> No.60573  

I'll pick this one up. Planning to do the rest of the Yakumi Sarai works that aren't on the wiki.

>> No.60574  

I have a couple of translation points that I wanted opinions on. If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Remi refers to herself in a cutesy/joking way as "Onei-chan" in a her scenes, but I avoided translating it.
I left "Imouto-sama" as is, but can easily change it to "Flandre-sama" if that's too much Japanese. I think Ojou-sama and Onee-chan are fine, but can go either way on Imouto-sama.


>> No.60576  

Pg. 7.2
Sakuya: [Change "got" to "gotten"]

A few quick corrections.

Pg. 9.3
Meiling: [Change to "embarrassed"]

Pg. 12.3
Remi: [...] all of a sudden?

>> No.60579  

Thanks for catching those errors.


>> No.60584  


Guess we'll have a very Zounose update this weekend.

>> No.60589  

Or so I though, will have to delay the update due to a death in the family.

>> No.60592  

You have my condolences. It's always rough when a family member passes.

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