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File: 1426655853149.jpg -(1664852 B, 2849x3954) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1664852 No.59196  


>> No.59199  

3 Yakumi Sarai doujins!? Do not tempt me more than this~

>> No.59201  

Tears incoming... Will QC when available.

>> No.60585  

I'm working on this one next.

>> No.60586  

Seem it already have English release by someone. Don't know how complete or accurate though.

search this in google:
Babanbabanki (Touhou Project) [English]

Side note : I pretty busy with work for this month, so this month may not have any of my translation.

>> No.60599  

I read that version and saw a few things I wanted to clean up.


>> No.60600  

It looks like there are two pages missing from the very end.

>> No.60601  

Sorry about that, should be in the new link.


>> No.60612  

Okay, finally got a chance to sit down and look over all this. Just a few points:

Pg. 29.3
Marisa: [...] self-condemnation over her doubts [...]

Pg. 39
First Paragraph: For next time, I think I'll draw the book I had planned.
Second: Change to "back-to-back"
Third: "If the self" instead of "It the self" and "by Urin-san" instead of "bu Urin-san."
Fourth: "gag-heavy stories" and "about using" instead of "aboutusing"

That's all I could see. Thanks for your hard work.

>> No.60615  


Thanks for those, I didn't notice them.


>> No.60627  

Last thing, I promise:
Pg. 39, second to last paragraph:
Should be, "[...] I think I'll just re-release" instead of "I think I'd just re-release."

And that's the only thing I think needs correcting. It's ready after that.

>> No.60631  

And another one ready.


>> No.60653  

While normally I'm in favor of leaving scans in the original resolution, this one is way too big, so it might be worth to size down somewhat the edited files.

Another issue is that some of the text lines (mostly in the first 15 or so pages) are too close together, and should be more spaced out.

Also, a typo in page 20:
multply -> multiply

>> No.60656  


I made the files roughly half the size. Let me know if they're too small, I still have the large versions to work off of.


>> No.60658  

Thanks, it's archived.

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