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File: 1427300134265.jpg -(1931411 B, 1417x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1931411 No.59224  

it's Personal Color!

>> No.60259  

Currently working on this.

>> No.60264  
File: 1471597913365.txt.unknown -(18867 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Progress, the TL
Now editing...

>> No.60373  

I couldn't find an English version of this story on the internet, so, if possible, I'd like to know if anyone is currently working on it, since the last entry is from a few months ago.

>> No.60380  

Hmm... looks like it has been abandoned. In that case I'll just help myself and edit it.

>> No.60381  
File: 1482065522315.jpg -(537442 B, 1419x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is there any chance to get a translation for the marked bubbles 1-3 on page 14? For some reason they're not in the script.

>> No.60384  
File: 1482136293915.jpg -(506502 B, 1419x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Any chance to get a translation for the marked bubble?

>> No.60385  
File: 1482146807853.jpg -(466658 B, 1419x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another untranslated bubble on page 22.

>> No.60386  

1: Teacher from that time
2: Look, a sleeping mouse.
3: Oh?

Bobobobobobo (shooting/blasting sounds?)


>> No.60388  

Thanks Youkai8, that really helped. I hope there won't be any more issues with the last 15 pages.

>> No.60389  

Here's the edited version.

As for the changes that I made:

Because of the narrow bubbles I had to shorten some words like heeey->hey or hmmmm->hmm in order to fit the text properly.

Sometimes the cat's name in the script is "Cesire", I changed it to "Ceshire".

hikkoshi 009 =panel 2
Exactly what it says,

  • Added "It's" at the beginning.

hikkoshi 010
I knew you do.

  • Added "would" after "you".

hikkoshi 012 =panel 9
No, it's not...

  • Replaced whole line with "No, it didn't...".

hikkoshi 014 =panel 4
we get pass the limbs part, yes?

  • Replaced "pass" with "past".

hikkoshi 017 =panel 3
You're not running away!

  • Replaced "running" with "getting".

hikkoshi 021 =panel 5
I expect no less from the Heart of Wonderland.

  • Replaced "expect no" with "expected nothing".

hikkoshi 021 =panel last
The degree of adaptation heavily depends on the person's disposition, but...

  • Switched places of "heavily" and "depends".

hikkoshi 022 =last panel
---And // so...

  • Switched places of "---" and "..." (for aesthetic reasons).

hikkoshi 025 =panel 3
First thing first,

  • Replaced "thing" with "things".

hikkoshi 027 =panel 2
I have never ask my mother about it.

  • Replaced "ask" with "asked".

hikkoshi 028 =panel 4
Wow, is he fast.

  • Switched positions of "is" and "he".

hikkoshi 036 =panel 4
You are only here by accident.

  • Switched positions of "only" and "here".

hikkoshi 038 =panel 3
Well, that was fun at least.

  • Replaced "that" with "it".

hikkoshi 039 =panel 4
Since we had time to speak.

  • Replaced "speak" with "talk".

Should there be other issues or if you'd want me to revert the changes that I made then let me know.

Also, I'm very disappointed that the author got all the characters wrong, it's almost like he never played/saw "Alice Madness Returns" :P

>> No.60392  

Whelp, this is awkward, I'm still working on this on a veeeeeeeeery slow pace. 8 pages away from finishing it. Should I scrap it?

>> No.60393  

Sorry about that, I asked (>>60373), but since there was no response I concluded that it might have been abandoned.

If you want to finish editing it then go for it, it's not like you're obligated to use my version.

>> No.60395  

Yeah, I saw your post just today =p, sorry about that, I should've posted some status update myself. I think I'll continue finishing my own version; it's kinda close to finish line anyway.

>> No.60411  

My version,

Izur, I used most of your fix. I hope you don't mind. Up for further QC and stuff

>> No.60413  

If that's of any use to you then I don't mind at all.

>> No.60438  

Just a small fix on page 27:
"I have never ask my mother" -> "I have never asked my mother"

>> No.60439  
File: 1483968148750.png -(1285534 B, 1419x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Pg 27

The link here >>60411 should be updated by now.

>> No.60446  


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