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File: 1456237189132.jpg -(1529969 B, 1487x2063) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1529969 No.60075  


>> No.60076  

Welp, it's the great zounose, so I guess I will do it if someone translate it.

>> No.60510  

I'll start working on this one next.

>> No.60536  

I've got this one ready for people to check out. I wasn't sure if the translation notes were necessary or not, but if anyone has input, let me know.


>> No.60537  

Just two points I noticed:
Pg. 43.5
In Yukari's line, "has been restored" should be "have been restored"

Pg. 44.2
In Remilia's line, "what ever" should be one word, either parsed as "whatever" or "what-ever."

Other than that, everything was great. As for the TL notes at the end, I think they all work.

>> No.60538  

Thanks. This one should be ready for the next release.


>> No.60570  


>> No.60581  

There's something wrong with the archive's file. The corrections aren't there. When I download from Youkai8's link, I can get the images with the corrections if I look at it in the zip file, but when I extract it, it reverts back to the original.

>> No.60582  

I must have uploaded the wrong file. Hopefully its fixed now.

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