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File: 1484441966975.jpg -(463168 B, 717x1002) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
463168 No.60444  


>> No.60644  

I'm halfway through typesetting this one.

>> No.60657  

I can resize these after checks. The larger files are easier for me to work with.


>> No.60664  

Sorry for the long delay. Here's the QC. Hopefully I caught everything.

Sorry for the delay. Here's some QC that I noticed.

Pg. 6.2
Human: It's kinda unnerving how those witches are still causing a ruckus, huh?
Pg. 6.3
Human: If this were like the danmaku battles from before, that would be one thing...
Pg. 6.4
Human: Speaking of witches, the red mansion over by Misty Lake,
Human: Now that I think about it, this all started around then.
Human: It doesn't matter to her if they're gods or youkai, she doesn't care. Even with hermits, she's...

Pg. 7.2
Human: Wait, I mean, we were all just talking, you know?

Pg. 15.3
Alice: It looks like it couldn't get past you, an embodiment of nature itself...

pg. 16.1
Alice: I don't plan on apologizing to any of you...
Pg. 16.5
Hijiri: It's not just stolen from gods and youkai...

Pg. 17.4
Marisa: Even further back?

Pg. 19.2
Miko: Our actions could also be part of the distortion.

Pg. 31.4
Reimu: The moment you release all their souls, without letting them drift off to Higan, is important, right...?

Pg. 35.4
Marisa: That's why you thought it'd be fine if you just slacked off drinking tea!

Pg. 50.1
Remi: You can't even put your book down at a time like this?

>> No.60668  

Thanks again.


>> No.60700  

All right, everything looks good here. Thanks for all your hard work.

>> No.60704  

Had some minor edits to add in.


>> No.60708  

Something I noticed on page 37, panel one
Reimu says "destroying those that stray from the path," but it should be "those who stray".

>> No.60709  
File: 1502482766444.jpg -(2004740 B, 2813x4008) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>> No.60711  

Looks good, but could also use the same changes suggested in >>60710.

>> No.60712  

Alright, this one should be ready to go.


>> No.60715  

Thanks. Archived.

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