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File: 1492970161641.jpg -(2781323 B, 2915x4008) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2781323 No.60549  


>> No.60666  

I'll work on this one next. I saw that another group released it, but I want to do a version for the wiki.

>> No.60688  

This took longer than normal because I did some redrawing on a few of the pages. The climax has the most work done, but I'm not 100% sold on it. Please let me know what you think.


>> No.60698  

Pg. 5.2
Sumireko: "Have you no heart?!" would sound more natural.

Pg. 15.6
The first line the girl says it "Godda" but the next line she says "Gotta." Is that intentional?

Pg. 26.5
Aya: Well, it could turn out either way.

Pg. 27.1
Aya: "rates" should be "rites"

Pg. 32
Aya: Shall I give you the lead role [...]

>> No.60699  


The "godda" part was slurred in Japanese too, probably since her speech is still impaired by her injuries.


>> No.60701  

Two minor things I missed earlier:
Pg. 5.2
Remove "so" from Reimu's line.
Pg. 6.2
Change "back then" to "just now," since it happened in just the last few panels.

Aside from those two, everything looks good to me.

>> No.60702  



>> No.60703  

On page 5, panel 2, Reimu's line should be,
"If he dies even after we give him a hand, what else can we do?"

>> No.60705  
File: 1502331079864.jpg -(2641766 B, 2808x4014) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I was looking at the wrong "so." Got it this time.

>> No.60706  


Forgot full link if that's easier for people.


>> No.60707  

Okay, looks good to me. Thanks for your hard work.

>> No.60710  

Looks OK, but this one could also have the page size scaled down, perhaps to half the current one.

And definitely needs some more leveling of the black tones.

>> No.60718  

One more ready for final checks.


>> No.60720  

Okay, everything looks good.

>> No.60737  

OK, it's archived.

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