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File: 1495190333445.jpg -(970160 B, 1135x1601) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
970160 No.60594  


>> No.60595  

Someone elsewhere reported the damaged files so I reuploaded it.

New link: https://mega.nz/#!TANjAQ5T!YQoSS-KWCGVbcddbd296N1hC1mm-zgzpZn01dY4euBU

>> No.60691  

Working on this one as well.

>> No.60721  

Got this one finished. I can also resize and level after any edits.


>> No.60725  

Looks fine to me. All that's needed are the resize and levels.

>> No.60727  


Okay, this one is all set.


>> No.60733  

Here's some QC I should have mentioned earlier:
Pg. 5.3
Suwako: We told you we noticed a strange presence on the mountain and went to investigate last night so we'd be sleeping til noon...right?!

Pg. 6.3
Sanae: Well, I thought there'd be even more trouble if the tengu found her...

Pg. 7.3
Suwako: (Remove the comma after "Why")
Suwako: This was your goal all along, wasn't it?!

Pg. 9.3
Suwako: So go ahead and dig right in!

Pg. 20.2
Suwako: While you're barely divine, your roasted potatoes are truly delicious.

Pg. 29.3-ish
Suwako: But at some point,
my nation was stolen,
my people forgot about me,
and the times left me behind.

Pg. 30.3
Junko: To the stories I heard from the earth's divine spirits,
Pg. 30.4
Junko: To the divinity I felt in our connected hands,

Pg. 32.1
Junko: Why do you eat like a human, express join and sorrow like a human, suppress your rage like a human?

Pg. 35.2
Momiji: It's like a typhoon, or an overflowing, muddy river!

Pg. 57
4th section:
"I used that as a reference [...]" or "I used that as a factor [...]"

>> No.60735  


Thanks. I'm keeping the repetition for page 32's questions to emphasize her anger and inability to understand Suwako.


>> No.60738  


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