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File: 1503898692264.jpg -(2085630 B, 2850x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2085630 No.60729  


I'm working on this one next.

>> No.60761  

I have some lines that didn't feel great, so let me know if you have suggestions.


>> No.60764  

Since this one is relatively quick, I'll post the QC.

Pg. 3.1
Patchy (I guess): Three-eyed Dragon

Pg. 4.1
Remi: Though Patchy, is there ever a time you aren't reading?

Pg. 6.1
Remi: I'll take her if you don't want her!

Pg. 9.4
Koa: And...what does it even mean to be a proper demon...?

Pg. 14.5
Remi: Until Patchy comes herself, I can't let my hostage go!

Pg. 15.1
Sakuya: But she's bad at this kind of thing, isn't she?

Pg. 19.5
Remi: Asking you for advice for our demonic research would be pointless.
[I think that would get the point across. "examples for our demonic research" would also work, if you don't want to change the wording that much.]

Pg. 20.4
Remi: Would you quit it, Flan?
If she played with you, she'd explode, wouldn't she?

Pg. 25
Remi: Stop! Don't bombard me with that UV light!

Afterword (last sentence)
[...] give the next one a more easygoing and comedic setting.

>> No.60766  


Thanks for the checks.


>> No.60782  

All looks fine, but I would remove the title edited on the cover page, since it's not really necessary and covers the original art.

>> No.60783  


Alright, I reverted it back to the raw version. It should be ready to go.


>> No.60786  

Thanks, archived.

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