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File: 1506864636317.png -(4966421 B, 1408x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4966421 No.60765  

I took this translated doujin from Danbooru and edited it (hope it's ok to post here).
Will try my best on translating the afterword, but maybe someone more skilled than me could give it a try?
QC feedback is highly appreciated

>> No.60774  


I'll give the afterword a try. It's handwritten but legible.

>> No.60775  


I had a Japanese friend type up the handwriting if you wanted to check on the TL as well. I didn't get some of the slang, so I did what seemed to fit.

2015.8.14 C88 らぱ☆

Hello! I'm Rapa☆! It’s Summer Comiket! Man, it's hot, isn't it?
This time, the circle cut is "Summer is for Love Hotels" to pay you all back for your loyalty, and I made this telephone club book too. Wow...! Hopeless Masquerade was a huge shock, and even if my will to create was gone... I somehow made a strange Satori and Sumireko book.
To me, Satori knowing about phones in detail was surprising, so I turned that into a telephone club story. I researched clubs in order to draw this book. They’ve fallen out of style and no one really goes anymore, so they’re already forgotten, right? It feels like they’ve become gloomy places. While I was in middle school, I would try making prank calls even if there was no answer, and when I told dirty jokes I had heard or read about, I was disappointed that the call quality was bad… Well, lots of stuff happened, but they’re good memories. Even if no one answered, I’d still say I had the wrong number~
This is really my 2nd release, but how was the last one (from last Summer Comiket)? Well, how was it? Yeah…
The official Touhou works seem pretty tough, the way Sumireko was treated looked rough too, so I really wanted her to get out of there ASAP. By the way, I’m ashamed of that summer and love hotels line and I feel like going into a really good hotel. Aah… Sumireko is super cute… She’s really… sexy, you know? (Sorry) High schoolers are the BEST.
Next up is October’s Sealing Club Only. Fall Reitaisai. November is Kouroumu and being crammed together (?). I’ll draw a whole bunch! Thank you very much!
2015.8.14 C88 Rapa☆

[above Koishi] Koishi-san, waiting in vain
[under Koishi] Kekeron-san (assistant)

>> No.60776  

Great, thanks a lot!! I had some real troubles deciphering the handwriting at some points, probably would have given up in the end.
Here is the complete archive

>> No.60787  


>> No.60803  
File: 1509607786862.png -(233998 B, 637x543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 05, "I want somewhere outside"
I think that's "went"

>> No.60805  

Oh right, it sounds quite strange, thanks for pointing that out. She's actually saying that she "sometimes wants to write short stories, outside the house, concentrating". So going out is implied but not mentioned explicitly.
Does "Sometimes I want a place outside the
house where I can concentrate and write short stories" sound better?
But I guess your suggestion also works fine.

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