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File: 1509270720582.jpg -(1100299 B, 1163x1604) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1100299 No.60798  


>> No.60810  

I'll work on this next.

>> No.60832  

The typesetting for this one was more trouble than I expected. I did what I could to redraw the double page spread, but gave up on the transparent bubbles.


>> No.60836  

P7, panel 3:
-- "What kind of attitude is that toward your master!?"
-> "What kind of attitude is that towards your master!?"

P10, panel 1:
-- "I haven't forget."
-> "I haven't forgotten."

P10, panel 5:
-- "Even the day I am slain."
-> "Even the day I was slain."

>> No.60838  


Thanks for those. For the last one, she was using that in the present/future tense in the original Japanese. Her power lets her know the future, so the event hasn't actually happened for her yet. The way I read it, it's the day she is killed by some outside force (apparently with a bone cross), not the day she became a vampire.


>> No.60854  

A few things:

  • There are some pages in a different resolution (00,02 to 05, 27 and 99).
  • Leveling need to be increased a little, especially for the pages with black background.
  • Font sizes in page 7 could be scaled back a little so as not to overflow so much the word bubbles,
>> No.60857  


I caught a typo on page 007 as I resized. It should be fixed up now.


>> No.60863  


>> No.60864  
File: 1514924894052.png -(374989 B, 796x1120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>she'd be like her birthdays to be dark

I think, "she'd like her birthdays to be dark" sounds better

>> No.60865  


Thanks, fixed that one up.


>> No.60866  

Updated the archive.

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